Get Tailored Leads as Daily Connections.

Our team offer a full Done For You service. Sourcing Quality Leads on 

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator on your behalf, compiling lists of accounts 

and making daily engagements and connections.

How we do it

In the below hour-long video, I give the entire game away for free. You can see the exact methods I use to source, extract and connect with leads, at scale 365 days a year.

Why am I giving away all the industry secrets? Because in transparency, you can make an educated choice to either do the work yourself, every day, or simply have me do it all for you and get more leads for less cost.

How we do

Accelerate Your Prospecting Results

Step 1 – Strategy Call

We find out about your offer, your dream customers and put together our lead strategy.

Step 2 – Sales Navigator Management

We start creating lists based around our strategy call.

Step 3 – Lead Extraction

We acquire the customers email from Linkedin on your behalf where possible

Step 4 – Build Campaign Strategies

Automation, welcome messages, like, comment, connect strategy execution.

Step 5 – Launch

All systems go, we are now running a 24/7 operation to bring you leads every day.

Why you should

“Your Network Is Your Net Worth” 

Porter Gale, 2013. 

LinkedIn is the largest business networking platform in history, boasting 875 million members. This makes LinkedIn a goldmine for those who invest in growing and nurturing their accounts.

Regardless of your industry, position or future ambitions. Whether you are of a business owner, or someone simply looking for a new role. The opportunity that growing your LinkedIn account, and providing value to your audience can present you, is beyond limits.

As Used By

As Used By


Who does this work for


Sales People



Agency Owners



Done For You Service.
We do all the work and grow your LinkedIn network for you every day, turning your account into a Lead Magnet.


LinkedIn Growth + Email Acquisition


* LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not required for this service, but it is recommended. List Management and InMails require Sales Navigator, but the 150 daily actions are still hit regardless.

* LinkedIn Actions count as Connection Requests or Engagement (Liking or Commenting).
* Automated Messaging Sequence and Event Invites are optional additional steps that can be taken if it is best for your needs. If required, no extra cost.
* Where possible our software will acquire the new leads email address from LinkedIn, not possible for all accounts.

Content & Growth Masterplan


Complete Management


* Sales Navigator required for this plan.

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Why Us

Our competition all has one thing in common… they created complex tools where YOU do all the work, and still pay a premium.

Linked Growth is different because as well as using complex tools, we manually run them and do all of the work for you! Plus, it’s cheaper than using the competition.

More leads, less hassle.
Nobody else in the market is offering this service, unless you pay around £2000/month.

Frequently asked questions

Linked Growth is the #1 lead generation and content creation agency for LinkedIn users. We help B2B companies get leads.

The results can vary wildly based on your profile and niche, however on average you should expect to get 20-50 new interested leads in your inbox per month.

Once they reply to our message, our process stops, and you take over and try to get them off LinkedIn and on to a call. We never have conversations with people as if we are you, just agreed opening messages to prompt a response. Unless on our Complete Management plan, if so we deal with that.

We only use LinkedIn within their recommended usage limits, staying up to date on their rules to ensure that remains the case. We’ve never had an account banned. We pay for dedicated IP addresses to keep each account secure.

How your profile is setup, what value you present to the people targeted and which industry you’re in all change the answer to that question. We work with you to make sure the results are as high as possible!

No, I can get better results if you have Sales Navigator but we can still hit our targets without it.

You will be emailed a questionnaire to get started.

Please click on the chat icon, bottom right of the site, or email and we will get back to you.

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